Finding Great New Jobs Online

I would like to start a new career trajectory for myself, because I have been unhappy at my current job for quite awhile, and I want to take courses that will help me to start a better future for myself. Or make a path towards a better future for myself, or however you want to phrase it. Basically, I want to become qualified for a better job, and that is why I am on Tafe course search looking at the different courses that they have for offer.

I am not really sure what type of job that I would be happy at. Continue reading “Finding Great New Jobs Online”

Started Working on Getting into a Better College

I have been doing pretty well in school, but not good enough to get into the school that I wanted. My mom and dad both went to Georgia Tech, which is one of the tougher schools to get into. You have to be really good at math and science. So I have started working on getting into a better college. I am thinking about what it would cost to hire a home tutor to help me with the most difficult subjects. I need to take calculus this semester, but I am thinking that it can not be as hard as trigonometry was for me. Of course that subject requires that you memorize a ton of things that you would just look up in the real world. I had a terrible time with it, but I managed to get a relatively good grade. I was thinking about how I could manage to get higher grades this year and still stay in the Advanced Placement courses as much as is possible. Continue reading “Started Working on Getting into a Better College”